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About us


MKA System is a company which ensure the needs of each client.

Cooperation with us guarantee you supply the highest quality products, which will reduce costs and improve productivity.


MKA System`s success is a combination of close cooperation with customers, adapting our products to the ever growing requirements in the market and knowledge, commitment and experience of our employees.


Our main business is:


- Production of pocket filters and panel filters for air handling units and air conditioning

- Production of dust filters for passenger cabins

In our offer you will find all kinds of mats and foam filter, compact and HEPA filters, grease filters and carbon filters.

Moreover we also supply products and accessories used in air dedusting. Most often these are bags and pockets filters and cartridges.


Our products determines


- Performance and reliability


Our products been created to improve efficiency, energy savings, ensuring high product quality and improved production processes. We contribute to the protection of workers and the environment for the sustainability future.


- Innovation


Our aim is to offer optimally suitable solutions using newest technology and support qualified counselors fulfilling your current and future needs.